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Health for Humanity Yogathon NZ 2013 break records

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‘Health for Humanity’ Yogathon NZ 2013 organized by Yogathon NZ, a division of Hindu Council of NZ Inc. took place from 12th to 26th October. The aim was to complete 108 000 Surya Namaskar (sun salutations) repetitions by participants from all over New Zealand over a two week period. Participants throughout the country performed Surya namaskars according to their abilities, kept a count and reported their totals to Yogathon New Zealand team. 

“This is the first time since the launch of ‘Health for Humanity Yogathon’ in New Zealand two years ago that the national target has been so close. It was indeed a great achievement that the participants took the count beyond the 100,000 mark”, said Ms Komal Shah, National coordinator for Yogathon 2013. “The coordination and yoga instructor’s team, comprising of Komal Shah, Hemant Parikh, Krishna Parmar, Dr Pooja Maddela, Meena Satishkumar, Swami Ratnamurti, Vishram Wadnerkar, Milan Mehta, Pritika Sharma, Nitika Sharma, Nirmala Narasimhan, Joyce Childs, Guna Magesan, Kiran Thakrar, Rajiv Chaturvedi, Jo Vernon, David Jenkins, Salena Govind, Revti Raman, Behroz Rabbady, Naena Chhima, Swami Neelmani, Annapoorna and Cecilia Freire provided their valuable time to facilitate this grass roots initiative to promote Health for all through Yoga. On behalf of this team, I thank all participant organisations and individuals in making Yogathon 2013 a success,” added Ms Shah.

Organisations that completed highest numbers in their regions were:

Wellpark College of Natural Therapies (Auckland)               23 894 Sun Salutations

Yogi Divine Society (Auckland)                                                  18 857 Sun Salutations

Hindu Swayamsewak Sangh (National)                                  18 334 Sun Salutations

Art of Living (Auckland)                                                                7 640 Sun Salutations

Moving Meditation Yoga (Wellington)                                     3 154 Sun Salutations

Yoga in daily Life (Wellington)                                                     2 173 Sun Salutations

Sommerfield School & Community group (Christchurch)      2 223 Sun Salutations

Anahata Yoga retreat (Nelson)                                                   1 286 Sun Salutations

Individuals who performed very high numbers of Sun salutations were:

Ms Kavitha Magesan from Rotorua                                       1 500 Sun Salutations

Ms Sarada from Auckland                                                         1 200 Sun Salutations

The ages of participants in Yogathon NZ 2013 varied from late 70s to teens and children.

Kushagra, a five year old from HSS Pakuranga, performed 379 Surya Namaskars which was remarkable.

Wellpark College of Natural Therapies was incredible in their enthusiasm. Their Alumni themselves teach yoga at their own centres, some also at hospitals & work places. Their current students as well as Alumni took the challenge of Yogathon to achieve this incredibly high number, same as Yogi Divine Society & Hindu Swayamsewak Sangh which reached 100’s of people to create awareness of yoga and its benefits.

Yogathon aims to create awareness of the practice of Yoga and its health benefits. During Yogathon, the organising committee tries their best to connect interested New Zealander to a yoga teacher or centre that can teach Sun Salutations and basic yoga at no cost. This is the third year of the Yogathon event, and the team is incredibly humbled by the overwhelming public support.

“Yogathon has taken place annually since 2011 and our team is making improvements each year. From 2014 onwards, we will start Yogathon on the 2nd Saturday of September. We hope that setting a definite date will help volunteers and participants diarise the event in advance and plan better. I invite all New Zealanders to participate in Yogathon 2014, starting on 13th September 2014,” concluded Ms Komal Shah.

For more information, and to learn about Surya Namaskar, please see: http://yogathon-nz.org/

To contact: yogathon.nz@gmail.com

 Check this link for Media Release:


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