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Yogathon 2016 Auckland session

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YOGATHON 2016 is in progress
Greetings to all,

Yoagthon 2016 started on the second saturday of September and today marks day 6 of the 14 days event.
A number of Yoga schools are participating, promoting and also hosting the event in their respective cities. In addition to major cities, people from smaller towns are also participating in this unique Yogathon event.

‘Health for Humanity’ Yogathon is open to everyone (all ages, gender, and races). Yogathon organising committee invites various yoga centres, schools and tertiary institutes, social, cultural, and spiritual and community organisations and individuals, regardless of faiths and beliefs, to participate in this ‘event.

How to participate:

1. Register free as an individual or group – email to yogathon.nz@gmail.com
(you are welcome to start today)

2. Do as many sun salutations as you can between 10th to 24th September, at your own pace, in your own time and keep a count.

3. Let us know your total on 24th September.

We are aiming that together, we will do 108,000 sun salutations. The highest New Zealand has ever reached was 104 000, so we try harder every year.

Auckland community yoga session will be held:
Date: Sunday 18th November 2016
Time: 10.30 am to 11.30 am – please arrive 15 minutes earlier.
Venue: Wesley Community Centre (740 Sandringham Road Extension), Tarapunga Room.
Open to people of all ethnicity.


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